Guide for Buying Gold in 2021, Charges that you need to know

This article is a must-read for people who love to buy gold ornaments or buying gold for investment or exchanging gold ornaments or for taking a loan with gold as collateral.

Gold retreated to Rs 45000 / 10 grams after reaching an all-time high of Rs 56,191 in Aug 2020 mostly factoring in risks associated with huge stimulus packages that are announced Globally. In the last 3 years, Gold gave a return of about 16.7% CAGR returns in the last 3 years and 10% CAGR in the last 10 years which is phenomenal. The yellow metal is liked by all the women in South India and is also used for industrial purposes due to the conductivity.

Gold Buyers Guide

What is KDM ?

When you are buying gold we hear the terms KDM, BIS Hallmark, 22 karat, 24 karat, 91.6 kdm hallmark, making charges, wastage charges, value addition etc. These are words commonly used by Gold/ Jewelry stores and it is important that you need to know these terms so that you feel secure about your purchase and not feel cheated post your purchase. Also, knowing these terms help you to bargain better.

Let us empower you with some basics

Purity of Gold

24 Karat Gold : 24 Karat Gold is the purest form of gold with 99.99% purity. This means there are no impurities whatsoever. Gold is commonly mixed with Copper,Silver for strength while making ornaments. The amount of gold vs added copper (or silver) defines the purity of gold and is measured with the term karat. Pure is gold is defined as 24 Karat. 24 Karat gold is generally available in coins and is the best form to hold in coins as jewellers will buy at 100% price of gold and you make most out of it.

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How Paytm,Snapdeal and other e-tailers play with discounts to woo customers

Have you ever felt that you made a killer deal by buying a product online at huge discounts. Then re-think next time before you buy something.  Please find the comparison of a product that we recently bought impulsively and then discovered some amazing things about e-commerce portal and how they play with the consumers.

MRP listed on the box is Rs 2095 and we bought the same product in store for Rs 1550 without any bargaining.

Product –  HD Webcam Logitech C310 Model


Flipkart  –    Rs 1650+ Rs60 for shipping

Paytm – Rs1598 (free shipping)    (Claims 39% Discount to MRP)

Amazon – Rs 1600 (Free Shipping)

snapdeal -Rs 1568 (Free shipping) (Claims 40% savings on MRP)

Local Store – Rs 1550  (In store purchase) 

Why is the price almost same at flipkart,snapdeal,Paytm, and other e-tailers ?

All the e-tailers in India have strong network of seller and sometimes the same seller on all the platforms. All the players have similar value chain to that of  retail store  and hence the price points are same. And sometimes it is highly possible that the same instore must be shipping this product to you when you place the order. So prices are not much different on any of these portals and they play on the consumer behavior using discount models.

Summary :  There are no big gains buying online unless they are couple with some other additional discounts like buying on app or buying with some specific credit cards. Also do  a price comparison before you shop  or write to us and we will do the comparison and help you.


What is the best place to buy a laptop in Hyderabad

Always wondering what is the best place to buy laptop for you.  You are not alone. This is a common problem for all the students, professional and parents who want to buy a laptop for educational, work and gifting purposes.

So how are students buying the laptop ?

Yes, Internet.  Assuming the you are clear about buying the best configuration as on today, you quickly do a internet search to get the approximate price range of premium brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP & Acer etc on Amazon, Dell and HP sites and then go to stores.  Again, the question is what stores? With organised retail picking up,  Please explore the following parameters before making the decisions.

Please check for following terms

1) Warranty terms for laptop

2) Local service center

3) Insurance

4) Telephone call support

If you are not checking these believe me you are going to land in big trouble when your laptop stops working someday and it will.

Look our for best price in the following stores.

1) Metro

2) Reliance Digital

3) Chenoy trade center – 2 big stores there

4) Hypercity Mall

Best deals are available here and warranty terms are even better at these places.

PS: Please advise if you know any better places to buy a laptop.




Dining at A/C restaurants will cost more from April 1st

<Updated 4th April> – We have learnt that the service tax component is 4.94% on your bill value and not 12.36% as expected.   Some relief to your pockets.

Your burger, pizza, and KFC bucket will cost more (approx 12.36%) from April 1st due to the new  service tax imposed by Finance minister. So please be ready to shell out more money whenever you dine out in A/c restaurants.

Dealhut would like to see that KFC, Mc Donalds and Pizza hut will come up with non a/c formats that helps in drive through sales and not impacting by this condition.

Also, if you want to save money, keep the list of non a/c restaurants handy.  No won



Buy your smart phone now or pay 5% more from April 1 2013

With less than week the new budget proposals come into force, it is time to think about buying your smart phone now if you are looking to buy in the near future. fivepercentThe finance minister had raised the excise duty from 1% to 6% now. So you will shell out 5% more if you are buying your smart  phone after April 1st.  So hurry up and get your smart phone now..

Please not this is applicable for phones that cost more than Rs 2000/-

Savings : Imagine you are buying a new phone for Rs 10000/- and you will save up to Rs 500/-



Gold Buyers Guide

This article is a must read for the people who would love to buy gold for ornaments or for investment or to calculate the value of exchanging gold ornaments.

Do you understand the terms KDM, BIS Hallmark, 22 carat, 24 carat, 91.6, making charges, wastage charges, VAT whic are involved when you are buying gold. These are words commonly used in Gold/ Jewelery stores and you need to know them to feel secure about your purchase.

Let us empower you with some basics

Purity of Gold

24 Karat Gold : 99.99% pure gold is 24 Karat Gold. This means there are no impurities what so ever. Continue reading

Deals at Hyd Central,Lifestyle, Max,Reliance Trends – Jan 2013

We visited city today only to learn that the deals have got hotter. Every other stores in the city are offering some crazy deals.   GVK one, City Center, Hyd Central stores are full of deals. More than that even other stores like Max,Reliance trends etc are all full of deals.

Quick Check – Hyderabad Central.. 

Hyd Central Sale

Hyd Central Sale

Most of the deals are buy 2 get 1 free which is about 33% discount. Some brands like Neerus and Biba are available at 50% off. Wills lifestlye is at 40% off and pepe jeans at buy 2 get 2 (50%). Jack and jones is 70% off.

Do shop for the next winter and summer too with these deals and save your wallets. Govt is anyhow flexing its muscles to charge you with power & petrol bills. Happy Shopping.


Deals at Fashion Malls, Stores – Jan 2013

A quick scan of deals in the City reveals all big brand fashion stores are loaded with offers and it is the time to save some money without compromising the vogue. Store like Lifestyle, Central, Pepe Jeans, Calvin Klein,Promod, Mango, Indigo nation, Biba, Woodland, Espirit,westside Fcuk , Mochi etc are loaded with offers.  Do shop, save money and redefine your fashion statement by taking advantage of below deals. If you are a shopperstop fan do wait till end of January as traditionally they are the last to offer deals.

Shop with Style –

Fashion Deals

Fashion deals in Hyderabad

1)  Westside presents The Big Sale on all merchandise in Jan 2013    (Valid till 13th Jan)

2)Biba presents End of Season Sale upto 50% Off

3)MOCHI presenting Awesome Sale Flat 50% off on wide range

4) Mango presents Upto 50% off on clothing, bags and Accessories

5)Hyderabad central again announced HAPPINESS SALE upto 51% off on over 500 Brands  – Valid for payback card holders

6)Fcuk presents Sale upto 40% Off watches and fashion accessories

7)Calvin Klein presents upto 40% off on Apparel and Accessories

8)INDIGO NATION presents upto 50% Off on Exclusive Mens wear at Hyderabad

9)MAX presenting END OF THE SEASON SALE UPTO 50% OFF at Hyderabad

10)Wood Land’s upto 50% off SALE IS BACK AGAIN

11)Get Upto 50% Off On Merchandise At Basics Life,Hyderabad

12) Shopper stop sale –  End of January


Happy Dhanteras

It is always auspicious to buy gold on this day. Please be extremely careful about buying from the right and branded stores. We have seen stores charging prices as much as they want for 22 K gold coins. Follow news papers ads for better prices.

do visit our gold buyers guide link to learn tips for buying gold before you shop.

Please note, Do buy at the best branded stores like

Kalyan Jewellers,  malabar gold, TBZ, Khazana Jewellery, Tanishq, joy alukas, MBS jewellers.

Happy Gold buying.

Silver Buyers Guide

We are not only considered crazy about buying gold, but also silver. With the amazing response we got on gold buyers guide with more that 100,000 page view, we embarked on to help our friends with the Silver buyers guide.  We visited few store to understand the buying process and presenting few tips to do a effective silver buying.

Silver is very popular for traditionally as Indian women use toe rings, bracelets, muvvalu (gajjalu) during their weddings. Most popular are silver idols and silver ornaments are also used for pooja accessories. For those who can’t buy gold, silver their next best gift.

Silver is available in 3 forms in Indian Market.

1) 99.99% Pure Continue reading

BIS Hallmarked gold buying tips

Next time when you look at the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmark logo on  any ornament you purchased at jewellery store, don’t blindly believe that 91.6% pure.Instead ask for a magnifying glass and verify the real purity.

BIS certifies the ornament for purity of gold. However BIS logo just does not  mean you are buying 22K/91.6KDM gold. BIS Logo mandates fineness to be printed on the jewellery

The ornament with BIS logo in the below format

Please note the second part of the logo, which is a measure of purity also called “fineness”. It should be more than 916.

The relationship of fineness of gold jewellery with cartage as specified in IS 1417
958 = 23
916 = 22
875= 21
750 = 18
585 = 14
375 = 9

Having a bis logo does not necessarily means that it is 91.6% pure. So please check.

Popular stores like Kalyan Jewellers, Joyalukas,TBZ, Khazana, MBS jewellers sold hallmarked gold with 91.6 BIS logo. When you buy an ornament with any thing less that 91.6%, it means it has more impurities. Since the Bureau of Indian standards does not mandate a 916 purity gold on ornament, those who don’t know will just look at bis logo and gets duped. Next time when you buy gold be sure to ask for bis 916, making charges, VA/wastage,VAT and insurance.

Ref of most widely read article Gold Buyers Guide

Lunch around Gachibowli, Madhapur,Kondapur,Hitechcity,Jublieehills

Spicy Hyderabadi Biryani
Spicy Hyderabadi Biryani

Where are we going for lunch today?  If you are searching google you will get the following results. But the appetite is even more and so there more are the dining places than these. We will present our reviews of visit to all these resturants in the coming days. Keep watching.

Things that comes to my mind are (best by order)

  1. Food Court in Inorbit Mall (Pizzahut,Subway,KFC,Mc Donalds,Fourseasons, Jalapenos, Baskin & Robbins etc)
  2. Spicy Avenue, Kondapur X Cross (Value for money) Continue reading

Shopping at Kalyan Jewellers

One name that has created enough branding about purity of gold is Kalyan Jewellers. Nobody would ever forget the ad of Nagarjuna and Poonam Kaur before purchasing gold. Recently, we visited Kalyan Jewellers, Punjagutta,Hyderabad and the shopping experience was amazing and if you want to buy gold at Chennai prices, Continue reading

Best Fuel stations in Hyderabad

A good amount of savings in your travel bill can be achieved by choosing a right petrol station. It is indeed true that almost all petrol bunks adulterate the fuel and it become hard to choose a good petrol bunk in your area. Your car will go long mile and saves lot of money if you choose the right fuel station. After a thorough research and market survey we have arrived at following list of petrol bunks reasonably safe and have got good facilities apart from customer service.

New HP Petrol Bunk – Gachibowli  (Opp Subway)  , (Removed as per feedback by users)

Shell Petrol Bunk – Near Rai Darg (Expensive) Continue reading

Metro Cash n carry to accept credit cards

Metro Cash n Carry at Kukatpally and Uppal are now accepting credit cards (all cards except American Express). What this means is a 1-1.5% of additional savings on your purchases and if you use your credit card effectively. Metro has also launched its loyalty programs with Siver Card and Gold card which will fetch you an additional discounts of 1% and 2% respectively. Continue reading

Tips for buying Air Conditioner (AC), the Energy star mania

With more than 10 popular brands and hundreds of models, life has become extremely difficult to buy an air conditioner. With a hope of getting good deals we quickly ran a deal check but the features are amazingly close and it is hard to put a price tag. We went to stores like Metro,Reliance Digital, Bajaj Electronics and tried to compare products and as usual Bajaj electronics Continue reading