Gold Buyers Guide

Guide for Buying Gold in 2021, Charges that you need to know

This article is a must-read for people who love to buy gold ornaments or buying gold for investment or exchanging gold ornaments or for taking a loan with gold as collateral. Gold retreated to Rs 45000 / 10 grams after reaching an all-time high of Rs 56,191 in Aug 2020 mostly factoring in risks associated […]

What is the best place to buy a laptop in Hyderabad

Always wondering what is the best place to buy laptop for you.  You are not alone. This is a common problem for all the students, professional and parents who want to buy a laptop for educational, work and gifting purposes.

So how are students buying the laptop ?

Yes, Internet.  Assuming the you are clear about buying the best configuration as on today, you quickly do a internet search to get the approximate price range of premium brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP & Acer etc on Amazon, Dell and HP sites and then go to stores.  Again, the question is what stores? With organised retail picking up,  Please explore the following parameters before making the decisions.

Please check for following terms

1) Warranty terms for laptop

2) Local service center

3) Insurance

4) Telephone call support

If you are not checking these believe me you are going to land in big trouble when your laptop stops working someday and it will.

Look our for best price in the following stores.

1) Metro

2) Reliance Digital

3) Chenoy trade center – 2 big stores there

4) Hypercity Mall

Best deals are available here and warranty terms are even better at these places.

PS: Please advise if you know any better places to buy a laptop.




Silver Buyers Guide

We are not only considered crazy about buying gold, but also silver. With the amazing response we got on gold buyers guide with more that 100,000 page view, we embarked on to help our friends with the Silver buyers guide.  We visited few store to understand the buying process and presenting few tips to do […]