Gold Buyers Guide

This article is a must read for the people who would love to buy gold for ornaments or for investment or to calculate the value of exchanging gold ornaments. Do you understand the terms KDM, BIS Hallmark, 22 carat, 24 carat, 91.6, making charges, wastage charges, VAT whic are involved when you are buying gold. […]

Silver Buyers Guide

We are not only considered crazy about buying gold, but also silver. With the amazing response we got on gold buyers guide with more that 100,000 page view, we embarked on to help our friends with the Silver buyers guide.  We visited few store to understand the buying process and presenting few tips to do […]

BIS Hallmarked gold buying tips

Next time when you look at the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmark logo on  any ornament you purchased at jewellery store, don’t blindly believe that 91.6% pure.Instead ask for a magnifying glass and verify the real purity. BIS certifies the ornament for purity of gold. However BIS logo just does not  mean you are […]

Lunch around Gachibowli, Madhapur,Kondapur,Hitechcity,Jublieehills

Spicy Hyderabadi Biryani Where are we going for lunch today?  If you are searching google you will get the following results. But the appetite is even more and so there more are the dining places than these. We will present our reviews of visit to all these resturants in the coming days. Keep watching. Things […]

Best Fuel stations in Hyderabad

A good amount of savings in your travel bill can be achieved by choosing a right petrol station. It is indeed true that almost all petrol bunks adulterate the fuel and it become hard to choose a good petrol bunk in your area. Your car will go long mile and saves lot of money if […]

Tips for buying Air Conditioner (AC), the Energy star mania

With more than 10 popular brands and hundreds of models, life has become extremely difficult to buy an air conditioner. With a hope of getting good deals we quickly ran a deal check but the features are amazingly close and it is hard to put a price tag. We went to stores like Metro,Reliance Digital, […]

Metro Uppal – Only for Buyers and not for shoppers

Traffic Congestion, poor parking space, untrained staff, narrow aisles and crowded queues are the words that best describe METRO Uppal store. This store is definitely is valuable for shopkeepers, kirana owners and for big families whose shopping basket is huge but would leave a terrible shopping experience for small purchases, window shoppers and pass-timers. Location: […]