Tips for buying Air Conditioner (AC), the Energy star mania

With more than 10 popular brands and hundreds of models, life has become extremely difficult to buy an air conditioner. With a hope of getting good deals we quickly ran a deal check but the features are amazingly close and it is hard to put a price tag. We went to stores like Metro,Reliance Digital, Bajaj Electronics and tried to compare products and as usual Bajaj electronics is the best with pricing. But coming to the main point of star mania, every saleman in all these stores used only Energy star rating as differentiators. As stars increase price also increases and you will see stars buying them. But if you ask the sales guy to compare any other feature, you will not get a convincing reply. No sales guy is properly trained in these stores.

What is good for my room?

If your room is anything more 12’*12′ (12 feet/12feet) then go for 1.5 ton AC for better performance and comfort. Anything less than that can be managed with a 1 ton unit. Please ensure your room is clean without any open articles, clothes as they are energy absorbers and you need to cool them too.

What is the right price?

12 % discount on MRP is the right price for buying these units. Many dealers would agree for 10%. And this comes with free installation, Free 4 KV stabliser and sometimes free home delivery. Your price will move around only these points and it make a difference of up to 1500 Rs/-.Normally installation is done with in 48 Hrs and some store claim this as differentiators and they can get this done on same day.

Which Star? 2*,3*,5*???

If you use only 2-3 months in a year, then it hardly makes any difference what star you buy. You can reduce the energy consumption by following few tips and see voltas ad in TV for that.

Then what is difference between voltas,whirlpool,samsung,Daikin and LG?

Aesthetics and few other fine parameters. Some ACs like Hitachi, Panasonic have really good controls for temperature, Display, Auto Shutoff.

I have a friend who’s kid is going to their neighbor’s house and asking them to switch on AC and sleeping there.This has became motivation for my friend to buy an AC. I’m sure you must be having your own logic and so happy buying.

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  1. This is very informative article to tell us tips about a air conditioner. In a winter we can live without a air conditioner but in a summer it is difficult to live. There are many kinds of air conditioner available in market in different different price so we need to select a best and comfortable for us. 

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