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One name that has created enough branding about purity of gold is Kalyan Jewellers. Nobody would ever forget the ad of Nagarjuna and Poonam Kaur before purchasing gold. Recently, we visited Kalyan Jewellers, Punjagutta,Hyderabad and the shopping experience was amazing and if you want to buy gold at Chennai prices, Kalyan jewelers is the place to shop.

Once you enter the store you can see lot of tamil/Kerla sales persons doing some serious selling. One sales guy will come and greet you and show you the direction to the item you want to purchase. Ground floor of the store is purely gold and you can get wide variety of Rings, Bangles, Vaddanams, Vankis, chains and bracelets. The collection is good and prices depend on type of ornament you pick though the per gram price of gold is constant. As communicated in the ad, there is no rate tag, but weight tag is very clear. (Rate tag is technically difficult to manage with every day prices changing).

1st floor is completely pure gold and the second floor is a good collection of Silver, branded jewelery, antique jewelery, stones and diamonds. You have good collection of fine quality gold ornaments with variety of designs on both the floors. Sales people in this store are very friendly and cordial. They have just taken us to all sections to show the variety available.

Pricing: Kalyan jewelers pricing model is better compared to other jewelers in the city. The price tag will describe the weight of the ornament and the wastage % is displayed. Sales person has given us 3% discount on the price of (making+wastage) charges. For the ornaments we bought we finally got 14% and 17% as other charges. Gold in India has 1 % vat. So your final price will be ( Wt in grms x Chennai 22 carat price) + (14% -17%) wastage charges + 1 % VAT.

Insurance: You have an option to insure the ornament at pretty cheap price. This is basically a theft insurance and cost 0.05% of the ornament value. If you bargain better, sales person might give you this for free.

Ornament Purity: Kalyan Jewelers has got a X-ray based spectrometer inside the store to validate the purity of the ornament. You can check the quality of your existing ornaments for free inside the store.

Child play area :  For the first time i have seen a child play area inside the store. Gold purchase is a time consuming activity and this store has right understood the needs of customer.

Mineral water : You will be give bottled mineral water (Bibo 500ml) in the store unlike the typical unwashed foul smell glasses at the other jewelery stores.

Billing : Once the ornament is selected you have to Jewelers, you will be given paper tag with price to be paid. You have to pay at the cash counter and then the bill is generated at a different counter. Take the bill to delivery section to collect your jewellery. Your jewellery is first offered to lord venkatesa and then handed over to you. You will also get lot of freebies and marketing stuff at the delivery section.

Loyalty Card : Kalyan Jewellers gives a loyalty card the will give you 1% discount on your next purchase for the value you buy this time. That is if you buy for 20000 Rs then you will get 200 Reward points worth 200 rs and you can redeem then in your next purchase. The store also offers gold investments schemes.

Parking:  Being located at the center, you have to struggle for parking in this place. Kalyan jewellers is normally crowded than any other jewelery shop in this area. You have to wait for 5-10 minutes to park in the cellar or your car might even go to below cellar on the automatic parking system but believe me this is the only pain at the store.

We rate Kalyan Jewellers as one of the best stores for buying gold. Other decent stores are TBZ,Joyalukas,MB Jewellers. Please refer our gold buyers guide blog for more tips.

Kalyan Jewellers, Besides Home town, Panjagutta,Hyderabad.

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  1. ( Wt in grms x Chennai 22 carat price) + (14% -17%) wastage charges + 1 % VAT…Here iam not getting wastage charges ..please let explain me in detail…

  2. hai sandhya…….kalyan is a kerala root company….sales guys are not tamilians……….its malayalees……..feel the hospitality & genuinity of god’s own country…………..

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