Best Fuel stations in Hyderabad

A good amount of savings in your travel bill can be achieved by choosing a right petrol station. It is indeed true that almost all petrol bunks adulterate the fuel and it become hard to choose a good petrol bunk in your area. Your car will go long mile and saves lot of money if you choose the right fuel station. After a thorough research and market survey we have arrived at following list of petrol bunks reasonably safe and have got good facilities apart from customer service.

New HP Petrol Bunk – Gachibowli  (Opp Subway)  , (Removed as per feedback by users)

Shell Petrol Bunk – Near Rai Darg (Expensive)

HP Pertol Bunk – Lakadikapul

Indian oil – Shivam Road, Opp Andhra Mahilasabha

Bharat Petroleum – Tarnaka  (This is the best, You will get 3 digit precision)

IOC Begumpet – Besides shopperstop  (Disqualified on user experience)

HP Petrol pump – Karmanghat

If we rate on the customer service and the courteous behavior of the staff 2 of the above list are rated high – HP Lakidikapul and BP Tarnaka. If we also consider the other services like water,washrooms, air, carwash – Tarnaka’s BP petrol station is the best.

Kindly share your experiences so that we can save people from loosing money. Also bad should be eliminated from the market and you can do it. Please comment on what fuel station you use generally and why? Help us to build the trusted list.

8 thoughts on “Best Fuel stations in Hyderabad

  1. HP Petrol Pump near Manda Mallama Function Hall, Karmanghat Hanuman Temple is one among the best Petrol Pump stations.  I get good mileage for my vehicle here.  The owner himself will supervise the filling.

  2. IOC Begumpet – Besides shopperstop there the workers cheats alot. Like one person comes to ask card or cash by that time the secound one says just now started, then if you see the reading it might have done for 5-7 liters which was from the previous one. i got like this jerks twice.

    Be care ful with these contract perople.

  3. HP petrol bunk in Gachobowli should not be in the list. There are several complaints that it mixes kersone and car performance decreased a lot. Better avoid this.

  4. The new HP petrol bunk at LB Nagar, opposite Kamineni hospitals is good. This is a new petrol bunk and is good for time being.

  5. The HP petrol pump opp. to Subway at Gachibowli is very good…. I have seen a difference of 1 KM/liter more…. I use to initially fill at Indian Oil in Rethibowli…. Now iam regularly filling at HP in Gachibowli….

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