Shopping at Kalyan Jewellers

One name that has created enough branding about purity of gold is Kalyan Jewellers. Nobody would ever forget the ad of Nagarjuna and Poonam Kaur before purchasing gold. Recently, we visited Kalyan Jewellers, Punjagutta,Hyderabad and the shopping experience was amazing and if you want to buy gold at Chennai prices,

Best Fuel stations in Hyderabad

A good amount of savings in your travel bill can be achieved by choosing a right petrol station. It is indeed true that almost all petrol bunks adulterate the fuel and it become hard to choose a good petrol bunk in your area. Your car will go long mile and saves lot of money if […]

Tips for buying Air Conditioner (AC), the Energy star mania

With more than 10 popular brands and hundreds of models, life has become extremely difficult to buy an air conditioner. With a hope of getting good deals we quickly ran a deal check but the features are amazingly close and it is hard to put a price tag. We went to stores like Metro,Reliance Digital, […]