Buying Pearls in Pearl City


“Pearls are girls best friends”. The is no denial to this saying and pearl city Hyderabad entices visitors wide variety of pearls and stores across the city. I’m sure no tourist would ever be disappointed buying pearls in Hyderabad. Recently few of my friends came from Madhya Pradesh and I had got the privilege of accompanying them to the most renowned Mangatrai store in Panjagutta. We went to the store with a clear intent to buy. The store was a metal jewelery store in the ground floor and the first floor is decorated with pearls. As you walk the stair case you can see marketing information about who all had bought pearls in this store. The list consists of Politicians, Bollywood actors, Cricketers etc.


We were greeted by the friendly sales man and told ” on the left had side we have peals where there is no warranty (Guarantee) and on the right we have warranty”. Our obvious decision is to buy some high quality items. We have no past experience with buying the jewelery, we went on to believe saleman’s words and used our own aesthetic sense to determine the price. He showed us the pearls of different Size, Smoothness, Color. He also showed the 1 round, 2 round pearl necklaces which were awesome. Never before i thought pearls were so beautiful. Prices are pretty much fixed and when asked the store is ready to offer a discount of 40% on the price quoted. Warranty also means you can exchange the pearls for same price throughout your lifetime. The price of pearls range for 40Rs /gm to 500Rs/gm and it depends on size,smoothness, color. You can get a nice looking pearlset from 700 Rs to 5000Rs and i’m sure it is not easy to differentiate from a distance which is more expensive. The best thing is the color of pearls. You can get in silver,gold,pink,blue colors.

To test if it a good pearls, take a blade and scratch the surface or rub it on to your teeth. A good pearl will not develop any scratches or loose coating despite scratching with Blade.

There are plenty of stores in City in the area of Punjagutta, Basheerbagh, Secunderabad and Charminar. These stores offer corporate discounts for buying pearls up to range of 50%-60%. Negotatite well. Ask at the hotel you stay, these guys have already tied up with all good hotels with their discount coupons.

Last time i remember buying a beautiful silver pearl set as a gift for one of my Custoemer in 2005 for Rs.750/- at Charminar.

A pearl set can indeed be a great gift item.

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