Metro Uppal – Only for Buyers and not for shoppers

Traffic Congestion, poor parking space, untrained staff, narrow aisles and crowded queues are the words that best describe METRO Uppal store. This store is definitely is valuable for shopkeepers, kirana owners and for big families whose shopping basket is huge but would leave a terrible shopping experience for small purchases, window shoppers and pass-timers.

Hyderabad Uppal Metro Store


The store is well positioned on to the left while going from Uppal to Nagole besides Uppal RTA Office. From outside  the store looks big, with ample parking space for both two wheelers and four wheelers.


This is totally pathetic.You will be asked to go around the store and park behind the store in a muddy place and you have to go through a kachra road where you will have a bumpy ride and have to park in the dark if you go in the night. For a moment you will be confused where to go after parking but you have come to front of store walking about 200 meters.

At the Main Entrance:

You would see crowds standing in long queues filling forms for Metro cards. Simply swipe if you have a card or authorisation from the card holder. You can simply be authorised to shop by card holder by simply sending a mail to [email protected] (For Kukatpally – [email protected]). Two persons will be  permitted on one card.

Inside the store:

Though the store look very big from outside, it is very small compared to Kukatpally.  All the sections are very small and If it is little crowded and you cannot move freely with shopping carts. However the coldzone,meat and chicken, vegetables zones though small are better than KP Metrostore. Rest of the sections are very very small. Electronics section is awfully small, you cannot  check a a good TV in that space.

Checking out:

There are 8 checkout counters, one of them is reserved for Gold and Silver cards and rest of them are crowded with long queues running into aisles of electonics, apparel etc making uncomfortable experience there. You have to shop for a minimum of Rs1000/- and have the option to pay by credit card so this store is no longer called Cash ‘n’ carry. At the exit gate, your shopping list will be checked by security before you can go out. You can wait outside, get your car to main gate, load it with your purchases and quickly move out before the security comes and asks you to leave.


Your savings could be anywhere between 2.5% to 40% depending on the category. Instore brand call “Aro” has better deals compared to popular brand for same product. The only catch is you have to buy in bulk and save. Given the product range and category range, this place is ideal for big ticket shopping like shopping for a party, shopping for a big family or for reselling.Just to give a saving deal – Chicken (Skinless) costs Rs103/kg where as the same costs Rs 120/kg outside.


For small purchases Big bazaar,More or Reliance retail would give a better experience than Metro. If you are a reseller or have high ticket purchases then this is the place. Again, Only for serious buyers and not for shopper or for shopping experience. Metro KP  is far better than Metro Uppal.

2 thoughts on “Metro Uppal – Only for Buyers and not for shoppers

  1. “Traffic Congestion, poor parking space, untrained staff, narrow aisles and crowded queues are the words that best describe METRO Uppal store.”.. -Thats about Uppal store, How about Kukatpally METRO ?? Let me share my experience about Kukatpally METRO!

    Its completely opposite in case of Parking, it has got ample of space for parking 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers reason- customers do not need to wait in queues for check-in and check out! there are enough counters for bill payment and enough deals to convince the customers rather than confusing them! result -vehicles are not parked for long time and “PARKING FULL” sign board never used!

    Deals are really good.Yes you need to question yourself before you enter the Store “Am I buying goods worth more than 2500-3000 bucks or less ?” I would really suggest you METRO if you are planning for some thing big that would really save your bucks ! else I would suggest you a near-by Reliance,MORE or Spencer.

    Happy Shopping ..oops… Heavy Shopping 🙂

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