Buying LCD/LED TV for Home ?

Are you planning to buy new LCD/LED TV but like many others you are also not able to decide which LCD/LED TV to buy ? We hope this post will help you a bit in your decision making process. We will quickly go through the important factors you need to consider while buying your next TV and the fastest moving models in Hyderabad Television market today.

Some of my friends don’t want to understand the process of selecting TV and would normally ask for recommendation (mostly because they are lazy in evaluating TV’s). For them current recommendation (as of Nov 2010) is Samsung C530 series TV’s because of the great features you get for the price that you pay.  Below is the price comparison of Samsung C530 model series across various stores in Hyderabad.  Currently most of the stores are running great deals on LCD TV’s and you can find all TV Deals here.


TV Price Comparision
Model MRP Balaji Electronics HyperCity Reliance Digital
32C530 32 inch 39,900 34,100 37,899 36,900
40C530 40 inch 58,000 50,500 54,999 52,990
46C530 46 inch 91,900 72,000 79,900 79,900

If you unlike most of my friends and want to understand what to look for when you are buying your next TV,  continue reading.

LED TV is commonly used marketing term by few manufacturers to confuse people and make their specifications look fancy because there is no true LED TV in market today. When manufacturers say LED TV, all they mean is LCD TV with LED backlighting instead of traditionally CCFL backlighting. LED backlight displays generally consume less power and generate less heat apart from great colors. There is no doubt visuals look great on LED Backlight LCD TV compared to CCFL backlight LCD TV but they are expensive. Same size LED backlight LCD TV may cost 2-3 times more than standard LCD TV.

With that in mind, below are the key factors you need to consider when buying your next LCD/LED TV

Screen size: Everyone likes to watch movies and sports on big screen but is your room big enough to accommodate one. TV as a unit doesn’t take much room space because they are generally thin and you can hang on to wall but you need to sit no closer than 1.5 times your screen size to have better experience.  For example, if you are buying 32inch TV, you should be able to sit comfortably no closer than 4 feet to enjoy. Make sure you are not getting over sized TV than what your room can accommodate.

Wallet Size: As mentioned earlier, LED TV’s are generally expensive and considering we don’t have any HD channels in India yet, there is no point spending too much on LED TV.  Stick with LCD at this point unless you are filthy rich :).

  • Also remember there is so much innovation going on at the moment, whatever TV you will buy in market today will be outdated in not more than 3 years.
  • Stay away from 3D TV’s as of today. 3D TV’s has poor viewing angles and it’s not worth paying extra price.  Also currently Toshiba is working on 3D TV without glasses, wait for other manufacturers to pick it up.
  • Stay away from Internet capable TV’s. Internet in India sucks and lot of innovation by Apple, Google and other TV manufacturers going on to make internet TV’s better, it’s going to change drastically by the time Internet gets better in India.

TV Specifications to Consider:

  • Input Ports: How many devices and what kind of devices you are planning to connect. Personally I would like to connect not more than 3 HDMI devices at a time (Gaming Station, DVD Player and Settop box) and would expect USB port with support to playback mp3/pictures.
  • Remote Control: Am I comfortable holding it, can I see the buttons clearly even with lights switched off with just lighting from just TV and is it rugged enough not to break when it falls from table.(Not sure why but remotes for HD TV’s are stupidly expensive)
  • Picture Settings/Audio: How easily I Can customize the presets to my preference and probably save them.
  • Look and Feel: How elegant it feels and can it make your room look better.
  • Ease of Use

TV Specifications to Ignore: Resolution (720P vs 1080P), Refresh Rates and Energy Certifications

Most importantly Experience yourself: Go to showroom with open mind and check out yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask Staff to switch between TV Channels and DVD/Blu-Ray videos to see the difference. Samsung/Sony/LG are all reasonably safe bets.

Also there is so much margin for stores on LCD TV’s, they always have some deals going on. Don’t forget to check TV Deals before buying your next TV.

If you come across any TV Deals,  let us know in comments which may be of help to other shoppers.

Samsung LED TV



6 thoughts on “Buying LCD/LED TV for Home ?

  1. 1. 46C530 at Croma is 79,900 with FREE 22″ videcon LCD TV & Airtel DTH with 2 months subscription free
    2. Reliance digital is offering some freebe’s as well on the same TV
    3. Adiswar at Gachibowli offered the same TV for 71,000 without any freebies after referring the Croma offer.

  2. Samsung C550 series 46″ without any freebies at Rs 72,000 at Ashoka Metropolitan mall. Considering prices at other stores this is the best deal.

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